25th May, 2013


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The title is just… UGHH. HAHAHA! xD I wasn’t the one who thought of that, believe me. :)) Okay, I admit that I couldn’t think of a decent title for this blog so I asked my boyfriend to give me one. And this is what he said to me: 



"TITLE. :)" —- Wow. Hahaha. Genius eh? :">

Well anyway, it’s been 2 weeks since I last talked to him on the phone, and I do miss him quite terribly. :( I never thought having a relationship with someone so far away from you could be this… you know, MAHIRAP. </3 Hahaha! Yuck, napapa-taglish ako. :3 Kukuku.

So as I was saying, he’s very far away from me as of the moment. He’s in Beijing, China right now and the mere fact that he’s not coming back until December this year breaks my heart. :’( I mean, SEVEN months without him? Ouch. :< But still, I’m willing to wait until the day he comes back. :) That’s how much I love him. ♥ Huehue! :”> And I can’t wait to see him again. :)


Distance is just a test to see how far love can travel. :) I love you, babebyy. :** I miss you so much.

5th September, 2012


Too many notes :(


Too many notes :(

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You&#8217;re so cute when you&#8217;re asleep. :3

You’re so cute when you’re asleep. :3

2nd September, 2012

I can’t believe I wrote this ¬_¬

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Her knees shook uncontrollably, mustering up the little ounce of stamina she had left in her worn out body to continue standing on her two wobbly legs. She felt that all too familiar feeling of fatigue seep in to her ragged body, making her want to just shut her eyes and surrender to the darkness that awaits her struggling self. Droplets of sweat trickled down the sides of her dreary face, feeling so icy cold against her skin as it fell as glistening droplets of water on the white flooring. 

Her death was near and she could feel it, approaching her at such a fast pace, leaving her unable to run away from what is about to come. It was inevitable -her death- and she, sooner or later, would have to face the same fate as those of her friends. Her friends who had been mercilessly murdered by the one person she had least expected to have committed the defiant crimes. She had never felt so stupid, so unsure and so utterly fooled in her entire life. 

She turned her gaze towards a lone man leaning against the bathroom’s doorway, her golden hair slicked with sweat, gulping the huge lump in her dry throat as she tried to utter words to speak -cruel words that could possibly hurt this man like the way she had been unremorsefully played with, like a mere toy that held no other use to a child except for mere entertainment. Tears furiously rolled down the blonde’s cheeks, eyebrows furrowed while glaring dangerously at the man a few meters away, clenching her fists beside her body as she stood there, staring at the man with pure hatred in her cerulean eyes, teeth clenched tightly and lips curled in to a ferocious snarl. Despite the bravery that the blonde-haired girl was trying to conjure, she couldn’t stop herself from coughing out strained sobs as more hot tears flowed down to her already wet cheeks, stinging her skin as the cool night breeze blew against her damp face through a small open window at the wall behind her back. Her shoulders shook and she forcefully raised her tremblind hands to her tear-stained face, hiding behind the palm of her hands as she cried uncontrollably, feeling something utterly painful clawing at her chest at the unwanted remembrance of the cruel death of her dear friends. 

"W-Why?!?!?!" The blonde yelled out, voice muffled because of her hands as she continued to weep loudly in complete anguish, falling down to her knees with her shoulders slumped, still hiding her face as she continued to cry tears of sheer pain and betrayal. 

"Don’t cry. I won’t hurt you." A deep voice ushered, merely trying to hush the weeping female with its soft yet cautious tone. The blonde sniffed, and slowly dropped her shaking hands to her lap, tear-filled eyes glaring at the one who murdered her comrades. 

"W-Why did.. you… do this?!?!?!" She managed to say between sobs, more liquid flowing furiously down her cheeks as she cried in anger. The man -no, killer to be exact- made a step towards her, his dark ebony hair glistening against the dim moonlight outside the small window, cascading a dim glow of ungodly light to define his face more clearly as he emerged from the shadows from the other side of the room. Bright sapphire eyes met dark onyx, pools of black that had the blonde locked in a deep trance, tears abrupting to a sudden halt. Her wide blue eyes lingered on his dark orbs for quite a while, before lowering down to his tattered shirt, which was once pure white but was now stained a deep scarlet. His muscular arms and hands were drenched with blood, just like his upper clothing was. The blood red substance dripped down to the ivory floor, staining the smooth tiles with droplets of deep crimson. She wanted to gag, a sick feeling at the pit of her stomach as she looked at the blood all over his hands and clothes -blood that was clearly not his to begin with.

The man continued to make his way towards her, every step he took echoing in the blonde’s ears while her heart thumped furiously against her chest, pounding nearly its way out of her rib cage, pure terror lurking within her. She found herself hastily backing away from him, eyes never leaving his. Her back painfully collided with the wall and was now cornered, being in a fetal position between the murderous man and the huge pavement -there was no possible way of escape, she realized. Suddenly losing hope and feeling quite terrified of the man, the frightened blonde brought her shaking knees to her chest, wrapping her arms around them. She allowed herself to curl in to a useless ball and watch dreadfully as the man stopped right in front of her quivering form. Her crystal blue eyes, filled with hate and sheer tremor, gazed up at his dark ones as he slowly kneeled down to her level, staring at the golden-haired girl with such intensity as if he was burning her very soul with his mere gaze. The blonde stared back, rather hesitantly before flinching as she felt the man’s cold palm against her cheek, staining her skin with the disgusting red fluid that covered his hands -those bloody hands that had killed countless of innocent lives. The man had cupped her face with a single blood-stained hand, brushing his thumb against her cheek as he calmly wiped the tears off of the blonde’s face. The latter gaped at him, eyes wide with confusion. She had assumed that the man would murder her, kill her without mercy like what he did to her friends. Yet here he was, staring at her rather calmly and rubbing her cheek in a manner that obviously showed affection. Somewhere beneath his dark eyes, the blonde saw something more than indifference -she saw sincerity.

"Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. You’re different." The man murmured softly, pressing his forehead against the terrified blonde as he closed his eyes, breathing in deeply her scent. The dark-haird man brought his hands up to the other’s shoulders, squeezing her lightly, eyes still closed. "They were nothing more than a hindrance." The man growled between clenched teeth, eyebrows furrowed as his grip on the girl’s shoulders tightened, making the blonde wince in pain. The man was not being hostile towards the blonde at all, and it had left her utterly confused at the moment, staring at him with wide sapphire eyes glazing with unshed tears. 

"What d-did my friends ever do to you?! Hindrance to w-what?!" She yelled, slapping the man’s sinful hands away from her body, glaring at him with disgust and tried her very best not to look terrified, but knew that she was failing quite terribly.

The man’s lips curled upwards in to a sinister smile, eyes glinting with the need to see blood being shed and he laughed maniacally, his malevolent laughter echoing about the bathroom walls. He grinned mischeviously at the blonde and reached inside his pocket to retrieve a syringe filled with an unknown substance. She didn’t have the time to push him away for in a matter of seconds the man had succesfully plunged the sharp needle in to her arm in a rather forceful way. She screamed, closing her eyes tightly and clenching her teeth in a deep snarl, new hot tears falling down due to the massive pain she felt on her shoulder. Once the injection was clean of its contains, the blonde fell heavily down to the floor, realizing that it was no longer possible for her to move any part of her body. A sudden weight was pulling on her eye lids and her vision was suddenly becoming blurred by the second. She laid there, unable to move as silent tears continued to drip down on to the cool pavement beneath, and she felt her weight leave the cold hard floor as the man scooped her up easily like she weighed no more than a feather to him. Her heart beat slowed down unusually and the world seemed to start spinning around her. She tried to focus her gaze on the man’s eyes, and saw that he was looking at her with those dark orbs of his. The man pressed her closer to his chest, and she smelled the rotten stench of blood that lingered on the man’s shirt. The blonde continued to stare, until she felt her eyes slowly closing down on its own accord. 

"Hindrance to our love." Were the last words she heard before darkness finally came, trapping and caging her within the darkest depths of its prison.

23rd August, 2012







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15th August, 2012

Migglet <3

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Okay, it’s 3:05 in the morning and I just finished eating my midnight snack. Matatawag mo bang “midnight snack” ‘to kung alas tres na ng umaga? Hahaha! Anyway, here I am desperately trying to think of a good introduction to my blog about Raymund Lloyd Tonolete. Adik kasi siya, utusan ba naman ako ng ganitong oras na gumawa ng blog tungkol sa kanya? =))

Raymund Lloyd Tonolete:

you should blog about me yknow =)))) since we’ve been friends for about a year now hahaha

We’ve been friends for about a year now? Whew. Really? -_- Isang taon na pala kaming magkakilala pero ni isang beses hindi pa kami nagkita in real life?! HAHAHA! Ang adik lang! :)) Sabi ni Facebook eh since July 2011 pa daw kami friends ni Migglet sa FB, pero nung September 3 siya unang nag post sa wall ko. And yes, talagang inalam ko kasi naghahanap ako kanina ng mailalagay sa blog na ito. =))

He posted on my wall at exactly 11:21 pm, and his first words to me were “You listen to heavy metal? :O”. Hahaha! ‘Kay, I know I don’t look like the type but yeeeaaah, I do. And apparently, Migglet didn’t believe me too at first ‘cuz he said I didn’t look like the type to listen to heavy metal. -_- Whew. BAKET, ANO BA FIRST IMPRESSION MO SA’KIN, HA? Hahahahahaha.

"Oh hi! I’m Raymund but people usually call me Miggy :)" —- Yeah at first I didn’t get why his nickname was Miggy. Kasi tingnan niyo naman, ang layo ng MIGGY sa RAYMUND. DAFUQ? Pero nung sinabi niya sa akin na it’s because kamukha daw niya si Miggy Chavez, yung vocalist ng Chicosci, eh doon lang ako nag-abala na i-check ang profile niya for the first time at tingnan ang photos niya. Kasi honestly, hindi ko talaga viniew profile niya bago niya sabihin yun eh. Ganun kasi ako kapag nag-aaccept ng tao na hindi ko kilala, basta accept na lang ng accept, hindi ko tinitingnan yung profile. =)) So tiningnan ko na lang profile niya kasi alanga namang sabihin ko sa kanya na I never even bothered to check his profile out, NAKAKAHIYA. xD Ang taray tingnan eh. :)) Hahaha! Sorry, Migglet! xD

So yun nga! Nung tiningnan ko photos niya, I was like HOLY SHIT, parang kapatid lang ni Miggy Chavez ‘to ah. Tang ina, eh paputiin mo lang tapos patangkarin mo eh pwede ng TWINS! xD Lololol! Kung ayaw niyo maniwala eh here’s a picture of them two. 

Oh, diba? :D Parang xerox copy lang eh! Hahaha! Ang liit niya, ‘no? Kaya nga MIGGLET eh. =)) XD :3

Actually, nung sinabi niya sa akin nung una na kamukha daw niya si Kuya Miggy, napaisip ako kung siraulo ba ‘tong kausap ko eh. Yung tipong “Baliw ba ‘to? Nangangarap maging Miggy Chavez?”. HAHAHAHAHA! Kasi ang dami ko ng nakikitang mga tao na sobrang makapal ang mukha at trying hard maging katulad ng idol nila. Kaso iba ‘to eh, iba ‘tong si Migglet. Hindi talaga siya nagbibiro nung sinabi niyang kamukha niya si Miggy! :D Kaya gulat na gulat ako nang makita ko ang photos sa profile niya! Miggy na miggy talaga! xD Pwede ng pumasa as kapatid ni Miggy Chavez! 8D ZOMG. AWESUM. xD

Tsaka, kahit na kitang kita na sila’y magkamukha, dinedeny parin ni Raymund na magkamukha nga sila. xD Hindi siya tulad ng iba na mayabang porket may kamukha na sikat! Si Migglet, mabait. :D Ang bait bait niya, hindi siya mayabang, MUKHA LANG. Hahahahahahahahaha! Kidd. :)) Pero seryoso, mabait siya. :”> Hindi mo akalain na isa siyang mahiyan at mabait na tao. xD ♥ Mukhang adik lang siya pero mabait yan. =)) Hahahaha. Siya daw yung “clean” version ni Miggy Chavez. Like, you know? Without the tattoos and all? He doesn’t even smoke! Oh, diba? MARTYR! xD Ahaha!

Grabe, naka ilang tawa na ba ako? o_O 3:53 na pala, almost 4 na at hindi pa ako tapos sa blog na ito! Nasasabaw na ang utak ko. xD @_@ Hindi ko alam kung anong oras ako matatapos dito. Ba’t kasi ang daldal ko? =)) Hahaha!

Migglet, kung nababasa mo man ‘to ngayon, gusto kong malaman mo na gago ka dahil sinabihan mo ako na gawan kita ng blog NGAYON. At gago rin ako kasi sinunod ko naman. =))))))))))) I also want you to know that even though I haven’t met you in real life, I still think that you’re a very nice guy. :D Ang dami mong kilalang mga sikat na banda pero ni minsan hindi ka naging mayabang sa akin, ang bait mo parin, wag ka sana magbago. x3 Kahit na hindi tayo sobrang close eh nakinig ka sa mga problema at drama ko. Hahaha! Salamat. :’3 At thank you din na pumayag ka parin na maging ninong ng anak ko kahit na BABAE siya (kasi diba, akala natin lalake tapos Ikaw nagbigay ng pangalan? HAHAHA. Jiraiya!). Ngayon lang ako nakakilala ng tao na kahit hindi mo pa nakilala sa totoong buhay eh ang trato sa’yo eh parang kaibigan na talaga, with you calling me “mare” and all that shit, yeah. xD Hahaha! 

At dahil 4:02 na, tatapusin ko na ‘tong blog na ‘to kahit na puro kaadikan lang ang nakasulat. Sana pag pasensyahan mo ‘tong gawa ko kasi SABAW na talaga utak ko ngayon, antok na ako. xD Hahahahahaha. =)) 

12th August, 2012

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teodyteods said: HI Grace Anne Episcope Chua! I miss you!!!! >:D< Naghihintay na yung MILK TEA!!!! :)

ADIK ‘TO. Hahahahahahahahahahahaha! Teka, wintermelon dapat aaah? WINTERMELOOOOOOOOOOOON!!! xD

Doe eyes! &lt;3

Doe eyes! <3

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ohshenish-deactivated20130226 said: Hello, i miss you so much! I hope you're doing well :') <3

I miss you so much too. D’: ♥ Ang hirap ng walang phoooneee. T_T Huhuhu.

23rd July, 2012

That awkward moment when you want to cough but it’s dead silent.

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20th July, 2012


I don’t know who did it but omg it’s so cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ


I don’t know who did it but omg it’s so cute ヽ(;▽;)ノ

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